Shreeram Chaudhary

General Secretary of the High Court Bar Association Tulsipur Dang, Nepal

Active in Country: Nepal 

DTP Alumnus: 2013 MW Nepal Modules 1-5 - Nepal


My level of knowledge and skills on advocacy, organizing and legal mechanisms were enhanced because of the DTP training.  I was able to gain an extensive understanding on how to organise, advocate and utilise the UN mechanisms and the various treaty bodies that monitor the implementation of the core international human rights treaties. DTP taught me about the various international conventions, its ratification and the way to promote and protect rights 

Shreeram Chaudhary is currently General Secretary of the High Court Bar Association Tulsipur Dang, Nepal. He is also a Project Coordinator at Help Society Nepal, working to ensure food security the entitlements of ex-bonded labourers of the three districts in mid-western part of Nepal (Dang, Bardiya & Kailali). He is also an executive member of Society for Participatory Cultural Education (SPACE) - a pioneer national NGO of Nepal.

As a defence lawyer, I have brought court cases to the Supreme Court and the High Court, most notably the High Court Tulsipur Dang, in the 5th province of Nepal. I have been overseeing cases specifically towards migrant workers issues. I assisted migrants in filing complaints against those exploiting them, and then argued in Courts to protect their rights.

Shreeram Chaudhary participated in the DTP’s 2013-2014 Migrant Workers Program in Nepal.  He works very closely with Nepal Bar Association and the National Human Rights Commission in promoting and protecting migrant workers’ rights in Nepal.

DTP taught me how to design a petition and file it in the concerned court. I have closely worked with Civil Society Organizations (Nepal Bar Association, trade unions and human right activists) and shared my knowledge on how to utilise the UN mechanisms to help reduce the vulnerability of migrant workers in cases such as forced labour.

Sheeram’s ability to organise bonded labourers and grassroots level migrant workers in Nepal were recognised by Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF). He was privileged to obtain a full scholarship from the ICF to study a Master Degree of Applied Conflict Study (ACTS) program at Panasastra University in Cambodia. Recently he graduated the ACTS course with honours (with Gold Medal) on 22nd January 2017.



Profile written April 2017