Sokha Am

Case Coordinator for the Community Legal Education Centre in Cambodia's Land & Natural Resources Program

Active in Country: Cambodia

DTP Alumnus: 2012 Indigenous Peoples Program - Malaysia

Despite a 2001 ‘Land Law’ to recognise the rights of Indigenous peoples in Cambodia, economic concessions such as logging permits – often issued without proper process – as well as illegal logging and land confiscation continue to drastically impact their traditional stewardship of the land.


Since 2004, Sokha Am has been working as Case Coordinator for the Community Legal Education Centre in Cambodia’s Land and Natural Resources Program. He has worked on several high profile cases concerning the land of Indigenous peoples, forced evictions and economic land concessions, in turn raising public interest and awareness around these issues. He has also assisted with drafting recommendations on laws and policies to the Cambodian government.


As the advocacy coordinator for his organisation, Sokha joined DTP’s 2012 Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Advocacy Program in Sabah, Malaysia to deepen his understanding of international human rights.


Profile was part of 2015 DTP's 25th Anniversary Exhibition