Special Program: Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples Rights and Advocating for Change

Program Dates: Jun- July, 2 modules (2015)

Introduction of the Program


DTP and Oxfam Australia have a long history of collaboration to support a rights- based approach to development and to fight inequality and injustice. The partnership between DTP and Oxfam Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples Program (ATSIPP) has resulted in a number of regional and national programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.

This module-based program incorporated recommendations and learnings from previous DTP/Oxfam human rights and advocacy training programs, monitoring and evaluation reports and complements Oxfam Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Strategic Plan 2014-2017 to progress self-determination.  

Program Objectives

The overall objective was to offer training to young people, identified by their communities and their organisations, who are interested in being actively involved in change and to build their knowledge and skills to be effective advocates in promoting human rights and their rights as Indigenous Peoples. 

Program Outcomes:

  • an understanding of international human rights law and the obligations placed on Australian governments to respect human rights and the rights of Indigenous peoples;
  • familiarity with the mechanisms which are available for Indigenous peoples to engage with the United Nations;
  • ability to utilise human rights standards to analyse and develop responses to the key concerns impacting on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities;
  • tools to design effective advocacy strategies;
  • networks and alliances with other young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people around Australia and individuals and organisations that can provide ongoing support.


Program Participants

Eighteen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people representing all states and territories (except South Australia and Tasmania) and urban, rural and remote realities are participating in the program.   Despite the cultural, geographical, gender, age and experiential diversity all members of the group share a background of committed involvement in organisations, movements and initiatives to bring about change.

Oxfam Indigenous Youth Program Modules 1 & 2 Report