Sri Lanka: Capacity Building for Advocacy for Migrant Workers and Safe Migration (July 2014 - November 2015)

Sri Lanka Capacity Building for Advocacy for Migrant Workers and Safe Migration



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Final Program Report


Program Dates: July 2014 – November 2015

Introduction of the Program

The Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) and Migrant Forum Asia (MFA) held a special course from July 2014 - Nov 2015 to develop the knowledge and skills of Sri Lankan advocates on migrant rights.  The training program built on the knowledge and skills for the protection of migrant workers from Sri Lanka.  It has enabled participants to more effectively advocate for changes in policy and practice in relation to the growing number of migrant workers leaving Sri Lanka to work overseas.  

What Did Participants Gain from this Program?

  • Effective strategies to advocate for better protection of migrants, including in destination countries.
  • Effective strategies and mechanisms to engage in meaningful, constructive dialogue with government agencies and the private sector to shape policies related to labour migration.
  • Migrant protection systems in other Asian labour sending countries to support the government in implementing changes/improvements of the existing systems and mechanisms in Sri Lanka;
  • How Sri Lankan advocates can more effectively influence respect for the rights of migrants in destination countries
  • How to engage with and influence the private sector involved in labour migration
  • Alliance and network building


Trainers and Resource Person 

Trainers in DTP programs are experienced and highly respected human rights/migrant rights practitioners, academics, and officials who understand and support DTP’s philosophy of participatory training.  During the course resource persons from other labour sending countries shared the policy and practices of migration management and protection of migrants and their families from their respective countries.   


Course Duration and Training Methodology

  • DTP is committed to participatory training methodology that recognizes and values the experiences and skills that participants bring to its programs. The training methodologywas interactive with an emphasis on group work, role plays, case studies and discussion. 
  •  There were five face-to-face sessions of four days in this program (total of 20 days).  This was supplemented by online support provided by the organisers and expert resource persons between the face-to-face sessions.