Sutharee Wannasiri

Human Rights Specialist at Fortify Rights

Active in Country: Thailand/S.E. Asia

DTP Alumna: 2011 21st Annual Program - Timor-Leste


The combination of legal knowledge with practical example and simulation sessions, and experience sharing from practitioners gave concreate ideas on how to advocate on issues. I think it’s the only training program that continues to engage with diverse grassroots activists and civil society organisations in the Asia-Pacific Region.


Sutharee Wannasiri participated in DTP’s 21st Annual Program in Timor-Leste in 2011. Sutharee is a Human Rights Specialist with Fortify Rights. Fortify Rights is a non-profit human rights organisation based in Southeast Asia and registered in Switzerland and USA. She started working with Fortify Rights in 2015, focussing on key human rights concerns in Thailand and building collaboration with national, international, and UN agencies. Sutharee was working as a Policy and Advocacy Coordinator for Amnesty International Thailand when she participated in the DTP program and then worked with the UN’s regional OHCHR office in Bangkok focused on the prevention of torture and monitoring the conflict in southern Thailand


Sutharee found the DTP training program to be very useful in her work as a human rights specialist.


As a researcher, the legal instruments and human rights mechanism provided to participants during the 3-week training program have been useful and gives a fresh perspective to my existing knowledge and ideas.


Sutharee is currently working closely with a community-based group who are protesting against a gold mining operation in the northeast of Thailand, and on the lack of protection of human rights defenders, freedom of expression, judicial harassment, and business and human rights especially relating to mining and extractive industry.


I am still in touch with a few activists I’ve met during the program although we have not find a chance to work together but they are still good contact, personally and professionally.




Profile written January 2017.  Picture withheld for security reasons.