Violet Udite Savu

Finance/Admin Officer at Fiji Media Watch (FMW)

Active in Country: Fiji

DTP Alumna - 2008 18th Annual Program - Australia

The training was an eye opener. It enhanced my knowledge of the UPR process.

Violet Udite Savu participated in DTP‘s 18th Annual Program in Australia in 2008. Violet is a finance/admin officer at Fiji Media Watch (FMW). She joined FMW in 2004 and has since served in different capacities during her journey with the organisation from program to management duties. At FMW, she is part of the management team and her responsibilities include grant management such as overseeing funding from donors. She also oversees project design, formulates proposals and assigns tasks on Outcome Impact Oriented (OIO) monitoring of projects. In the past six years, she has been involved in providing peer support to NGOs in Fiji, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea. She provides technical support, knowledge and skills on OIO (Outcome Impact Oriented), PME (Project Monitoring and Evaluations) or MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning).

Violet found the DTP training program to be very useful.

I attended the DTP 18th Annual Program, and it taught me the rights-based approach to development work. After the program, I held a discussion with the Board and FMW team and reviewed our organisation strategy. We re-aligned our work and incorporated rights-based approach, whilst recognising the right to freedom of opinion and expression as enshrined in Article 19 of UDHR. This was important because I work for an NGO that has been in Fiji for 22 years and our work promotes media education and media monitoring. FMW projects target media consumers such as editors and journalism students, as well as marginalised communities and vulnerable individuals like women, children, students and community leaders.

FMW’s vision is to create “A Media literate Fiji, A Responsible Fiji Media”. It captures the idea that media literacy is an important component in improving society’s welfare and livelihoods through emphasising the civil society’s right to information, and knowing the tools and having the skills to interpret information and news from a critical lens. The mission of FMW is to raise the importance of utilising mass media as a way to improve human rights standards. 

From the DTP training, Violet gained a better understanding of human rights principles, human rights mechanisms including the Universal Periodic Review process, different advocacy strategies, and media advocacy. She has applied the strategies she learnt into her work.

After the DTP training, I was able to participate in the UPR NGO Fiji network. In 2014 the network comprises of 10 NGOs and this network has now expanded to 14 NGOs, and they are currently preparing for the next UPR process


Profile written October 2016