Wensislaus (Wensi) Fatubun

Human Rights Advocate (through media and video advocacy) at the Office for Justice and Peace of Archdiocese of Merauke

Active in Country: Indonesia, West Papua, Asia

DTP Alumnus: 2012, 22nd Annual Program, Timor-Leste


As a West Papuan, and as human rights advocate, the DTP has helped improve my network by being able to share my experiences and insights in either of these capacities.

Wensi Fatubun participated in DTP’s 22nd Annual Program in Timor-Leste in 2012. Wensi is a human rights advocate and he brings human rights cases from West Papua and engages in the advocacy process at a national level (in Jakarta, Indonesia) and international levels (UN). The DTP training provided Wensi with the enhanced skills and knowledge on how to engage with the UN in voicing the plight of the West Papuans. The DTP training provided experience and insight on various methods and processes that could be used to protect and promote West Papuan rights and place their interests on an international level.


DTP is important in its capacity to help foster a community of activists who are motivated. DTP helps develop a collective solidarity through shared experience, understanding and knowledge, whilst empowering one another and help fight for their cause. The DTP is very important in playing this role in being able to bring so many various types of activists together.


From 2008 to present, Wensi has worked in various regions throughout Asia (such as Kalimantan, and Southern Thailand’s Pattani peoples), not only advocating the plight of the West Papuans. As a human rights advocate, Wensi uses media and video advocacy to highlight the struggles and human rights violations in these areas.


For the people in Papua and Kalimantan, I try to use media, specifically video, to engage young people through documentary and entertainment by providing them with the opportunity to tell their own stories from their own perspective, thus empowering other young people to join in in the cause.



Profile written February 2017